Yamaha RF2 


Concierge E 4 Passenger
Yamaha YTF2-A
Concierge E 6 Passenger

We offer a selection of Buggy's as seen below.

New Yamaha golf petrol Drive

View the EFI Quietech available to pre order for summer of 2020/21 in a variety of colours.

“The smallest carbon footprint”

New Yamaha golf electric Drive2 DC

The Powertech AC+DC is available in a variety of colours.

HDK Golf Buggies

Standard Features of the HDK Buggy include:

  • Comfortable Ergonomic Seat
  • Dash Board Colour to match Body
  • USB Socket & 12V Outlet
  • Accurate State of Charge Battery Meter
  • Rotary Dial Gear Selector
  • Speedometer and Aluminum Rims
  • Advantages over Lead Acid & Gel Battery's:

    • Faster Charging
    • Lower Charging Costs
    • Travel Further on a Full Charge
    • Lighter so less Damage to Turf
    • No Maintenance Required
    • Longer Battery Life


    • 100 AH Lithium Battery
    • 48V 4KW AC Motor
    • 400 Amp AC Controller
    • 48V 1200W Onboard Charger


    • 6 Years for Battery
    • 2 Years for Body


    • Length - 232cm
    • Width   - 113cm
    • Height  - 175cm

    Power House Buggies

    Features include:

    • Single Light Weight Lithium Battery
    • Fully Automatic Brake
    • 32" Bag Stand

    • Front and Rear Mud Guards 
    • Front Mesh Basket
    • Umbrella Holder 

    • Fully Adjustable Drive Position
    • Luxury Comfort Seats
    • Stabilizer Wheels

    The Power House offers incredible power while also providing a comfortable ride in all conditions. A single light weight lithium battery provides all the charge the buggy needs and comes with a 2 year grantee. It come with S-Drive providing a 39% power increase. Some Power House Models disassemble for ease of storage and transport.

    We Service What We Sell

    Steering, Brakes, Bushing, Drives etc are available on request

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