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Yamaha EFI Petrol Buggy               €7300       2 In Stock
Yamaha Quite Tek Petrol Buggy   €8300       4 In Stock
Yamaha Lithium Electric Buggy    €8500       1 In Stock
While Stocks Last
Concierge E 4 Passenger
Yamaha YTF2-A
Concierge E 6 Passenger

We offer a selection of Buggy's as seen below.

New Yamaha golf petrol Drive

View the EFI Quietech available to pre order for summer of 2020/21 in a variety of colours.

“The smallest carbon footprint”

New Yamaha golf electric Drive2 DC

The Powertech AC+DC is available in a variety of colours.

We Service What We Sell

Steering, Brakes, Bushing, Drives etc are available on request

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